Our mission is to facilitate a thriving, engaging, informative and supportive network, inclusive of anyone who works in the charity sector who identifies as LGBT+.

We are not run by, or aligned to, any charity. As the charity sector is made up of organisations of all sizes (some of which have their own in-house LGBT+ networks and some who don’t) and we move around the sector quite a bit, we thought that the best model would be to run the Intercharity LGBT+ Network as volunteers in our spare time.

This way, no one will ever be excluded because of the size of the organisation they work for and can continue to volunteer and lead the Network even if they change jobs within the sector.

However, this does mean that we need lots of volunteers to deliver our aims, as everyone’s spare time is limited. If you are interested in helping deliver an of the aims below, or want to write a blog, Tweet, or speak at an event for us, please email us at intercharitylgbt@gmail.com



We have had lots of feedback both from the launch event and via social media and email about what people would like the Network to offer. We have had to be realistic with the resources we currently have, and with what else is out there, about what we can and should deliver.

So, below is an overview of what we will aim for in the near future, but we hope to continue to expand as we grow.

1. Events

It is really clear from early feedback that a key thing that people want the Network to provide is events of different kinds.

So, we will facilitate:

  • A monthly informal social, on the last Thursday of the month in London. More details about this will be posted on the events page of our website.
  • Ad hoc organised events throughout the year, usually with speakers covering specific topics. These events for the purposes of health and safety at the venue will be ticketed via Eventbrite. These events will be posted on the event page of our website.
  • We are hoping that more volunteers will come forward to facilitate socials and events in different locations outside of London. If you are interested in doing this, please email us with details to intercharitylgbt@gmail.com and we will publish them on the events page.

2. Support

A lot of the feedback we have had so far is that people are looking for support and advice. A key aim of the Network will be to facilitate online and physical spaces where you can build your network of LGBT+ colleagues across the charity sector to:

  • Ask questions and share knowledge and experiences
  • Share opportunities like new roles, training, or other resources
  • Find and offer opportunities for mentoring

3. Education

A final common theme that has come out of feedback so far is the need for education, resources, and awareness raising. We think that we can facilitate some of this through:

  • Organised, one-off, events, covering a specific topic such as wellbeing, intersectionality, and LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace.
  • Sign-posting events or resources provided by other organisations such as Stonewall, Opening Doors London, UK Black Pride and others.
  • Sharing and creating useful resources around key dates in the LGBT+ calendar, such as LGBT+ History Month or International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.