Some of you may have heard that we have now launched the Intercharity LGBT+ Network. Other sectors like Banking, Communications and Law have had inter-sector LGBT+ networks for a number of years. After consulting across the sector with charities such as CRUK, Uprising, Diabetes UK, CLIC Sargent, and Stonewall, we have decided there is enough demand for us to have an Intercharity LGBT+ Network.

There is a growing number of charities that have in-house diversity and inclusion networks or groups, but numbers are often low. Some charities do not have the staff numbers or resources to facilitate having an in-house network or group. We are hoping this is where we can step in.

Unlike other inter-sector networks, we won’t be formally bringing together established in-house networks into a committee; but will instead be an open network for all LGBT+ professionals who work in the Charity Sector. We are volunteer led; so if you like to Tweet, Blog, host networking events, create information or advocacy resources, or would like to share your story of being LGBT+ in the charity sector – you are the people who will grow the network.

We are looking forward to delivering more of what our members want to see. If you haven’t done so yet, please share and complete our survey!

Stay tuned for updates and feel free to post any questions you may have for us! 


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