Hello! Welcome to the first monthly update for the Intercharity LGBT+ Network.

April has been a whirlwind, are we the only ones who can’t believe it’s May?

Top of the agenda, a HUGE THANK YOU!

We have been blown away by the overwhelming kindness and positivity from the community since launching the network at the end of February this year. We are five volunteers with busy day jobs in a variety of charities and roles. We’ve had to be realistic about the time we have available between us to give to the network so have decided to prioritise a few things over the next few months until more volunteers are on-board. We will try and make more posts across all platforms throughout the month, but as a minimum we will post a monthly update on our Website like this one.

So, here are our plans for the next month:

  1. Growing the number of volunteers

We have definitely found that the five of us are struggling to have enough out-of-work time to deliver the volume of activities that we would like to (if someone knows of a fairy godmother that will pay us to run the network full-time, please give them our email address!). So, our no.1 priority over the next month is to grow the pool of volunteers. Thank you to everyone who has emailed us or left your name at the launch event, we will be in touch over the next month to find out more about how you would like to volunteer in the network.

  1. Building the online community

Like our good friends at Charity Women, we think that an active online community will deliver the key aims of the network. We’ve heard from you that you want a support network, a group that you can turn to for advice, ideas, opportunities, and insight. The network is made up of all of us! We would love you to start building the network on our Facebook (@IntercharityLGBT), Twitter (@IntercharityNet) and LinkedIn (coming soon). Share articles, ask questions, post up the occasional GIF? We can’t wait to see what you deliver!

  1. Follow-up from the launch

We really appreciated all the positive feedback and ideas from people who could and couldn’t make the launch event in London in February. A few key things that we will action this month are to type up and share the ideas that you have been sending us. We’ll share these on our online platforms so that everyone will have a chance to add their ideas and volunteer to deliver them! We will also work on setting-up a mailing list.

  1. Regional and online event hubs

Without a doubt, planning events is the most resource intensive of activities as we’re sure many of you know. Events are where we think that a ‘franchise structure’ will work really well, with people volunteering to be regional and online leads for community events; and these events can then being advertised through the central online platforms. We’re keen to know what people think about this model and if there are any volunteers who would like to run their own regional event hubs? If so, let us know at intercharitylgbt@gmail.com
In terms of events in London, we are currently scoping out another event for around London Pride, more details in next month’s monthly update.


That’s all for this month folks, enjoy the May Bank Holidays!

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